Decision Making For The Slider – Feedback in Class

So my first idea was to set out the home page to emulate one I had identified in my research.
jer lar

Here you can see I have left a space for the content. As you can see below, there isn’t much room so I abandoned my initial idea and decided to have just a slider. Keep it nice, clean and simple.
11 05 14

In class I asked for feedback from the tutor. I showed all the different options for the placement of the type so I could decide which one was the best.
DSC_0036 home studio 2 rows

DSC_0036 home studio

From all the feedback and from my own considerations, this is the final choice.

Options shown in class:

From all the feedback and from my own considerations, this is the final choice.

Options shown in class:
itunes 1

itunes 2 rows

itunes 2 rows top right

itunes 4 rows top right



itunes 4 rows bottom left


From all the feedback and from my own considerations, this is the final choice.

I hope this post illustrates everything I’ve been learning. I’ve been listening to my tutor and my fellow students and acting on their feedback. You can see here how my process has brought me to the right choice in the placement of the type for the slider.

Press This – flickr – Cool Rollovers

Flickr: SN_Studio’s Photostream.

I like how when I hover over an image a little transparent box appears. In the box there is a caption and the name of the account. On the right there are options to favourite, comment and zoom. I think this is really good.

I’m not sure yet if this would be needed on my site but I think its a neat and intelligent way of making the site interactive. By having all the options appear like this, it doesn’t ruin the nice clean, simple photo album layout. Well done flickr.

Vector Idea – SUR Restaurant and Bar

I was watching Vanderpump Rules which is a TV show about a restaurant in West Hollywood called Sur. It’s a very stylish place full of vintage pieces, freshly cut flowers, candles and atmospheric lighting.
Lounge Room




I really like the pattern in the background of this picture.

Here I am using the picture behind to draw over using the pen tool.
untitled9 17 3

Here is a different view. I’m using the pen tool again.
untitled9 17 2

untitled9 17 untitled9 18

Here is the finished design. I’m happy with it. I don’t know if it will be useful yet. It’s a start.
untitled9 19

Colourful, Fun, Inspired

I was glancing over Stassi Schroeder’s instagram and saw this. Stassi is a fashion writer and reality TV star. It’s actually the background I’m interested in here! This paint design isn’t appropriate for my current project. It’s just a nice, colourful piece of inspiration. It would be easy to make something like this in Photoshop or Illustrator, including the transparent part on the right.

Trip to see Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013 and The Jameel Prize 3

Today I went to see these two exhibitions with a fellow student. We had a really good day! First stop Wagamama near London Charing Cross. I ordered prawn kare lomen which I saw on the internet here: kare

Here it is: 2014-02-10 12.27.20

My friend got chicken ramen: 2014-02-10 12.27.32

I went to see Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2012 and 2011. There were some really good pictures this year.nhm

This one reminded me of the turtles in Finding Nemo. Picture 1

Picture 2

This was my favourite. I love the colours. Picture 1

This was my friends favourite picture. Picture 1

Then we went to the V&A to see the Jameel Prize 3. I didn’t think it would be that good but actually it was really good!vanda

I took this video outside of the exhibition. Photography is not allowed inside.



My friend and I thought these rugs were really cool.


Amazing Inspiration for APP2

I was browsing the internet and accidentally came across the following article: ‘The Enchanted Woodland…on the outskirts of London: Gardens around Duke of Northumberland’s second home are lit up to create a magical winter trail for walkers‘ on the

My reaction to these photos was ‘wooooooow this is exactly what I want to do!’ So I was very happy that I found an idea. I looked up how far away the gardens are and they are a three-hour train journey away. So that was a bit disappointing. I felt that was a bit too far. A relative suggested I go to the skating rink in the park in the centre of my town. I thought ‘Yes!! What a great idea!’
article-0-199C0E2B00000578-758_964x619 article-0-199C0E8F00000578-743_964x630 article-0-199C0E6B00000578-269_964x513 article-0-199C0E5B00000578-742_964x622 article-0-199C0E2700000578-957_964x497 article-0-199C0E6300000578-261_964x644 article-0-199C0ED800000578-123_964x611 article-0-199C138B00000578-839_964x632 article-0-199C0EFC00000578-998_964x627 article-0-199C138700000578-806_964x635–outskirts-London-Gardens-Duke-Northumberlands-second-home-lit-create-magical-winter-trail-walkers.html

I love these pictures. They remind me of when I made my header design from photographs of my friends Christmas tree lights. I love all the colours and the way it looks quite mysterious. It was fortuitous that I saw this article. It will be interesting to see if I can get some good photos from the skating rink in the park.