Amazing Inspiration for APP2

I was browsing the internet and accidentally came across the following article: ‘The Enchanted Woodland…on the outskirts of London: Gardens around Duke of Northumberland’s second home are lit up to create a magical winter trail for walkers‘ on the

My reaction to these photos was ‘wooooooow this is exactly what I want to do!’ So I was very happy that I found an idea. I looked up how far away the gardens are and they are a three-hour train journey away. So that was a bit disappointing. I felt that was a bit too far. A relative suggested I go to the skating rink in the park in the centre of my town. I thought ‘Yes!! What a great idea!’
article-0-199C0E2B00000578-758_964x619 article-0-199C0E8F00000578-743_964x630 article-0-199C0E6B00000578-269_964x513 article-0-199C0E5B00000578-742_964x622 article-0-199C0E2700000578-957_964x497 article-0-199C0E6300000578-261_964x644 article-0-199C0ED800000578-123_964x611 article-0-199C138B00000578-839_964x632 article-0-199C0EFC00000578-998_964x627 article-0-199C138700000578-806_964x635–outskirts-London-Gardens-Duke-Northumberlands-second-home-lit-create-magical-winter-trail-walkers.html

I love these pictures. They remind me of when I made my header design from photographs of my friends Christmas tree lights. I love all the colours and the way it looks quite mysterious. It was fortuitous that I saw this article. It will be interesting to see if I can get some good photos from the skating rink in the park.

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