Pretty Packaging Design – Magnolia Silver Jewellery

My friend said she wanted a ring for Christmas so off I went to the jewellery shop to buy her one. Luckily a mutual friend works there so she was able to show me the type she’d like. Very helpful! I don’t have a clue about rings since I never wear them.

I noticed how pretty, colourful and delicate the packaging design is. Enjoy!

20151220_132245 20151220_133139 20151220_132801 20151220_133045 20151220_132928 20151220_132911

The other side of the bag…

20151220_132349 20151220_132634 20151220_132821 20151220_132831 20151220_133102 20151220_132849

Inside the bag…

20151220_133026 20151220_132957

The box…

20151220_133429 20151220_133227 20151220_133315 20151220_133456 20151220_133505 20151220_133518 20151220_133914 20151220_133727
20151220_133345 20151220_133644 20151220_133927 20151220_134033 20151220_134047 20151220_134108

The certificate of warranty…


Miss Nikki Baby and Mally Mall spotted together in his snapchats!

So I was watching Mally Mall’s snapchats yesterday. It was the usual thing he posts, him in his car, him in the club etc. Then I see Miss Nikki Baby and I’m like oooooo looook its Miss Nikki Baby! ❤ ❤ ❤ I wasn’t expecting that! I thought they’d broken up but then they are an on and off again couple so there is no need to be surprised.

Screenshot_2015-11-09-23-25-12 Screenshot_2015-11-09-23-25-15    Screenshot_2015-11-09-23-28-37 Screenshot_2015-11-09-23-28-39

Then BOOM…

Screenshot_2015-11-09-23-13-03 Screenshot_2015-11-09-23-11-50 Screenshot_2015-11-09-23-11-15 Screenshot_2015-11-09-23-11-11

In the car I was really surprised to see Mally snapping Nikki while she is lying down in the back. He can be heard saying:

“You pretty fucked up, huh baby?”

I can’t hear any response from Nikki. I guess she drank too much.

Now come on Mally, did you really need to snap her like that? Anyway, I love Nikki and in my opinion she continues to slay even when lying down in the back of a car! ❤ ❤ ❤

So follow both Mally and Nikki to keep up with their shenanigans.
Screenshot_2015-11-09-23-57-12 Screenshot_2015-11-09-23-57-30

If you like you can follow little old me too 🙂

Are they actually back together though? Well apparently not, I just looked at Nikki’s twitter.

Swiss Political Campaign Posters

I just got back from the annual trip I take to Switzerland. Some of my relatives told me about a poster they’d seen in the Canton of Vaud. They said it was for a political party and depicted a woman tied up with three black men standing behind her. I was like WHAT!?!? I was like REALLY?!?!?! I was shocked and appalled. So when we were driving around we all looked out for the poster. I really wanted to see it. My mum found it one evening.


In the daylight. It reads ‘Remain free!’ Is this racist?

20151004_115917 - Copy 20151004_115922 - Copy

Upon seeing the poster the first thing I thought was wow look at that! Its going to command your attention regardless. I wondered if the poster was racist or not. I was hoping it wouldn’t be since I’m half Swiss myself and a racist poster would make me feel ashamed. In my opinion this isn’t a racist poster because I see the three figures in the back as being in silhouette. I don’t know if everyone would agree on this though. The fact that parts of their clothes aren’t in silhouette doesn’t help either. What do you think? I’d be very interested to hear your thoughts. Please leave a comment. 

I thought I better find out about the Young UDC Vaud and see if they have racist policies or not. I typed in the web address on the poster I found this page which talks about their position and features the poster at the end of the article. I put the article into Google Translate. The point of the poster is to dissuade people from wanting to join the European Union. They see the EU as authoritarian. The page reads:

‘Young UDC Vaud refuse these ways of doing things, worthy of another era and defend the interests of the citizens. Switzerland must absolutely protect its sovereignty and keep its independence. Without this, it will have to submit to the wishes of foreign powers … are incompatible with the welfare of its population.’



I think some people think that being anti the EU is a form of racism. However, it is Switzerland’s choice whether or not they want to join.

This poster is also for the Young UDC Vaud.


I thought it would be interesting to find out where they stand politically. Here is their position:

‘To have clear and audible message in favor of defending the interests of Switzerland, its culture, of a population exasperated by an impairment of quality of life and the loss of all its values, the Young SVP Vaud decided make a list for elections to the Council of States.

Candidates for the Council of States undertake to follow a clear political line:

– Ensure freedom of the nation and citizens, too often undermined by the weakness of our vis-à-vis foreign powers and leaders of overloading the tax burden that undermines the middle class and SMEs.

– To oppose the accession of Switzerland to the European Union;

– To fight for lower taxes, charges and fees in order to offer the population greater purchasing power;

– Focus on individual responsibility and private initiative to state handouts and laziness pillow;

– Defending Swiss symbols, victims of a working systematically undermines orchestrated by the movements of the left with the guilty complicity of a soft center obsessed with its own survival on the political spectrum.

– Reject any adaptation of the Swiss national anthem;

– Destruction or severely condemn any act of violence against the national flag;

– Maintain an army worthy of the name that it is effective in budgetary terms as to be able to fulfill its tasks defined in the federal constitution.

– Restoring order in all areas of the company that went adrift following the implementation of various policies of the left.

– Stop the chaos of asylum and migration permitted by Federal Councillor in charge of the file;

– Deport foreign criminals;

– Apply a zero tolerance on crime, antisocial behavior and drug use;

– To struggle for social assistance again become a help to people in need and not a profession.

– Give young people a chance to prove themselves in a political daily withering and flawed, not conducive to change and new blood.

– To promote the re-eligibility rules limiting in some political bodies, in particular legislative;

– Know how to listen to the silent voice (not manipulated by the unions) young people, those who get up in the morning to work.

I also Googled ‘UDC‘ to find out what it stands for. Wikipedia tells me it stands for the Democratic Union of the Centre and is also known as The Swiss People’s Party. It says the UDC is a national conservative and right-wing populist political party in Switzerland. If I lived in Switzerland I wouldn’t vote for them.


This poster is for the Swiss Nationalist Party. It reads ‘SWISS COUNTRY YOUR FUTURE’. Wikipedia tells me The Swiss Nationalist Party  ‘is a far-right völkisch political party in Switzerland founded in 2000. It was classified as “extremist” by the Swiss federal police in 2001.’ I’m strongly against far right politics.

20151004_115929 - Copy

Even though I wouldn’t vote for (and don’t endorse) either of these political parties, their posters are eye-catching.

20151004_120029 - Copy

Here is the area in front of the posters.


Interesting Graphic Design At Marks And Spencers

I was walking around doing a little shopping on Monday and out the corner of my eye I saw this packaging design. I was like ooo look at that! It really stands out on the shelf! It just looks different to all the other packaging I see in the shops. Very nice!

20150817_154648 - Copy

20150817_154655 - Copy


20150817_154712 - Copy

20150817_154722 - Copy