Review of Eyebrow Tint and Threading at Blink – Before and After Photos

Decided to get my brows tinted and threaded today at my local Blink Brow Bar! Here are the before photos. I took these outside Fenwick just before I walked in. Sorry they aren’t very good quality but you get the idea.

2014-04-07 16.37.03 2014-04-07 16.37.40 2014-04-07 16.38.52 2014-04-07 16.38.58

I specifically asked the therapist to please remove the hair that is peripheral while keeping the hair that is necessary for a fuller shape.

Here is the result of the tint and threading as soon as I left the store. My skin isn’t that red considering. Sorry the photos aren’t very good quality. Scroll further down for much better quality photos.

2014-04-07 17.09.44 2014-04-07 17.09.47 2014-04-07 17.09.17 2014-04-07 17.09.40

When I got home. So no more than an hour after I left the store. Overhead light in bathroom.
2014-04-07 18.53.37 2014-04-07 18.53.52 2014-04-07 18.54.05

A few minutes later in my bedroom with very good lighting.
2014-04-07 18.55.08 2014-04-07 18.56.26
2014-04-07 18.57.37
2014-04-07 18.58.00

The threading cost £17 and the tint cost £12. I’m really happy with the result. It looks natural. I got a stamp on my loyalty card. The card looks like this:

2014-04-07 22.26.46

2014-04-07 22.28.41

2014-04-07 22.27.41

If you have any questions please ask in the comment section and I will be happy to help.

For before and after pictures with no tint click here.

Blink Eyebrow Bar Review – Before and After Photos

It was this blog that made me want to try Blink.

I have been going to visit Blink for quite a few years now. I thought it was finally time to post a review. I called Fenwick in Tunbridge Wells ( I asked to be put through to the Blink Eyebrow Bar and made an appointment for the same day.

Here are my eyebrows before I went to Blink. I took these pictures just after I’d woken up. My brows look quite messy! I hadn’t had them done for a few months or more and I don’t pluck them in between visits.

2013-08-14 15.55.45 2013-08-14 15.57.15 2013-08-14 15.55.39 2013-08-14 15.57.34 2013-08-14 15.55.28

The Blink Eyebrow Bar is located on the very far right inside Fenwick. It is right in the far corner and cannot be seen from the entrance so you don’t feel self conscious. When I arrived the threading lady smiled and asked how I’d been. She asked if I wanted a tidy up and I said yes please. I usually see the same lady but I am happy to see any of the Blink threaders. I’ve never had a bad experience with Blink.

2013-08-14 18.55.02 2013-08-14 18.56.50 2013-08-14 19.09.50 2013-08-14 18.55.19 2013-08-14 19.09.26 2013-08-14 19.09.14

I’m very happy with the end result. I think my brows look much better and much neater after. You can see a couple of tiny red marks. I think that’s to be expected. Threading does hurt a bit but I’d still much rather get it done as its much faster. Besides I doubt I’d be able to get the accuracy with just my tweezers. After the threading is done you get a mini brow massage. The price is £17 which is quite pricey.

You get given a loyalty card.
2013-08-19 21.22.58 (2)

After five visits you get your sixth threading free! So next time I won’t have to pay!
2013-08-19 21.09

Here is the back of the loyalty card.
2013-08-19 21.23.27 (2)

I asked for a patch test as I want to get my brows tinted next time I go. The lady put a little bit of dye behind my ear. I didn’t have a reaction so I’m really looking forward to my next visit.

Update: For before and after pictures of threading with tinting click here.

Here is the official Blink website.