Photos I Used and Leadership Information

The purpose of this post is purely to give the references as to where I got my photos and information from.

The people in these photos are being used purely as models and are not actually members of the UAWA and I am not saying they are part of the adult entertainment industry.


ariel-studio (2)






Leadership page information from:

I have used Wikipedia since the brief does not specify that the information must be factional. Indeed the brief specifies that some of it could be fictional.


4 thoughts on “Photos I Used and Leadership Information

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  2. Dear Emily my is Maria Rapoport I’m a graphic designer. I would like to ask your permission to use one of your photos (studio film shooting) for an e-book on the subject of Israeli motion pictures. I’ll be happy to pay for the right to use it. In case you are willing to give your permission to use it, please contact me ( Thank you in advance, regards, Maria.

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