Spotted! Stevie J, Joseline H. Jordan and Mimi Faust All In Ciara’s Body Party Music Video!

Hey guys, I know this has nothing to do with graphic design (oh well!) – this is for the R&B fans and fans of the television show Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. I was watching Ciara’s Body Party music video, reading the comments and some eagle eyed viewer spotted Stevie J, the Puerto Rican Princess Joseline H. Jordan and another spotted Mimi! How random! Its quite difficult to catch them in the video so here are screen shots.




Body Party premiered on 4th March 2013, via and was released as a digital download on 8th March 2013, as the lead single of Ciara’s fifth album.

All credit goes to the eagle eyed viewers in the comment section! ciara comm

So there you go. Little bit of trivia for you 😀


Cool Typeface

I like the typeface used here for the word ‘TRACES‘. I want to find out what it is.

Back of the flyer…

Results from
blue 1
blue 2
blue 3
blue 4
blue 5
blue 6

Problem Solving

22/04/14 > I initially tried to make the Welcome clip using the museGrid Video Background Widget.
muse grid

This page shows I downloaded it.
22 04 14 MuseGrid

Initially the video clip I used was the one my cousin had made. The video looked fine until I put it into the widget and then it looked awfully pixelated. It really ruined it. I wasn’t happy with this at all.

The solution to this problem was to remake my cousin’s video in Adobe Edge Animate. I used his photographs and copied his style so it would look at similar as possible. I’ve explained how I made this in my post called ‘Step By Step For The Welcome Page In Adobe Edge Animate’.

11/05/14 > I made the footer wider than the canvas, thinking that would make it full screen but it didn’t! I previewed it and it looked like this.
11 05 14 footer 2

The solution to this problem was to drag each end of the rectangle to each end of the canvas, a red guide shows that you have reached the end. This makes the box 100% width when seen in a web browser.

14/05/14 > As you can see below the F on the menu freezes above all the others.
f at top

To fix this I had to go into Adobe Muse and select the F. I navigated to the Scroll Effects tab and set the ‘key position’ to the same value as all the other objects on the menu. I have marked it below with a red arrow.