Glossy Text Effect

I found another nice text effect tutorial:

Here is the effect I should be able to make.

I would definitely recommend this tutorial. It’s not that difficult and there are no mistakes.You should give it a try.

Here is my outcome. I think it turned out great!

Here is where I got the wood pattern from:

Candy Text Effect in Photoshop

I liked the look of this fun text effect. I thought I’d give the tutorial a try.

This is the effect I should be able to make.
More Free PSD and Photoshop Tutorials at!

I’m not sure I’d necessarily recommend this tutorial since I think it contains a number of mistakes. The colour for the color overlay on the base layer is actually ca1818. Also the author didn’t mention that the fill on the layers needs to be set at 0% on both the Hard and Sugar layers. If you download the author’s PSD files you can work out how to do it.

Here is the version I made.
Candy 2
I think it turned out really well! It took a really long time though because of the mistakes in the tutorial. Here is how my layers palette looks in case you want to try it yourself.

Fun With Filters And Brushes In Photoshop

Decided to have a mess around with filters and brushes in Photoshop. Here is what I created.

For this image I think I used Filter > Noise > Median. I also used Filter > Render > Lens Flare. Unfortunately I didn’t save this one so I can’t make any screen shots.



For the image above I took screen shots to help me remember how I made it.



Here are some of the others I created. I really like bright colours 😀