New Designs for Identity

Last year I wanted to make a repeating pattern for my stationary. I tried but as you can see in this post (link below)
I really struggled and eventually gave up.

I had faith that the design would work so I started again. I looked on Shutterstock to see what type of vectors they have. I liked this one. I used it to help me make a similar one.
vector 126475913

Here is the design I made. I really like it. It looks like a flower.
single vector

I used a gradient to make this effect.

I rotated and copied the vector into a circle.

Here is a quick demonstration of how to rotate a vector. First make your design, then copy and paste it. Select both and use align.

Click object > transform > rotate.

Get the angle you want. This is probably the most difficult part. You may have to try a few different angles till you get the one you want.

Click copy. The rotate options box will disappear. Click object > transform > transform again. Repeat until you have the desired effect.

First arrangement: I then used the design to make my business card.
Front 1

Second arrangement: Here I’m trying a different typeface.
Front 2

Here is the name of the typeface.
Third design idea.
Front 3

Forth arrangement.
Front 4

This is Pluto Sans Light in 9pt.

This is Pluto Sans Light in 9pt again.

This is the design for the back of my business card.
Back 1

I added a shadow in Photoshop to see what it would look like.
Back 2

This is an idea for my letterhead.

I made it a bit smaller. I think it looks neater.

I tried this arrangement but I don’t think it works. It looks strange.

This is the design for the back of my letter.
back of Letter3

I made this repeat pattern (above) using Illustrator’s Pattern Options menu.
pattern tool 05


I would recommend this video. This is how I learnt to use the Pattern Options menu.
pattern swatch