Problem Solving

22/04/14 > I initially tried to make the Welcome clip using the museGrid Video Background Widget.
muse grid

This page shows I downloaded it.
22 04 14 MuseGrid

Initially the video clip I used was the one my cousin had made. The video looked fine until I put it into the widget and then it looked awfully pixelated. It really ruined it. I wasn’t happy with this at all.

The solution to this problem was to remake my cousin’s video in Adobe Edge Animate. I used his photographs and copied his style so it would look at similar as possible. I’ve explained how I made this in my post called ‘Step By Step For The Welcome Page In Adobe Edge Animate’.

11/05/14 > I made the footer wider than the canvas, thinking that would make it full screen but it didn’t! I previewed it and it looked like this.
11 05 14 footer 2

The solution to this problem was to drag each end of the rectangle to each end of the canvas, a red guide shows that you have reached the end. This makes the box 100% width when seen in a web browser.

14/05/14 > As you can see below the F on the menu freezes above all the others.
f at top

To fix this I had to go into Adobe Muse and select the F. I navigated to the Scroll Effects tab and set the ‘key position’ to the same value as all the other objects on the menu. I have marked it below with a red arrow.

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