Idea For The Rollovers Animation

How did you come up with the idea for the rollover animation for you social networking icons?

While doing research, I found this site which I spoke about in my presentation. This is the site that has all the cool, colourful animations on it.
noir 20  05 14

I found their contact page which looks like this. At the bottom are their social networking icons.
contact 20 05 14

I made a video of their social networking icons. It’s best to watch the video in full screen.

The screen recorder I used doesn’t pick up all the details so you may want to actually go to the Soleil Nior contact page and see for yourself.

I thought the way they moved was really fun and eye-catching so this is why I decided to use Adobe Edge Animate to make my icons animated. I made my icons slightly different. Soleil Noir have the coloured part pop up from below whereas I decided to have the coloured part drop down from the top.

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