Chatting With The Client – Floral Separators

The client sent a link to this Instragram page. He said he likes the borders around the pictures. See below for a close-up.
DuPree2 DuPree

The client said that Collin Dupree uses an app called Afterlight. I went to this page to have a look. I don’t have an iPhone so I was unable to download it and try it out. I asked a friend to download it onto his phone instead.2 The different parts of the website needed demarcation.

My first idea was to use this app to put pretty borders around the clients’ photos. It looked like this.

Here is another picture I put a border around to see what it would look like.
image (2)

This idea was a good one I think and I was feeling good about it but then I realised that I needed a line of demarcation between the different sections. At first I was going to use different coloured backgrounds. So for example, black, then white, then grey and repeat or something of this ilk.

I had a try using brushes to make a floral design which could be used as a separator. Here are the brushes I tried.


The results didn’t look good. It just looked unprofessional and messy. I didn’t save everything I did apart from this example below.

I abandoned that idea. Then I had the idea to use floral ‘wallpapers’ for the lines of demarcation. This meant that I had to stop using the floral borders around the images or it would be floral overload! So I chatted with the client and asked him what type of floral designs he likes. This was much better since a more uniform pattern looked a lot better than random brushes.

Here are the ones I ended up using. To make this one I had to copy and paste a part of the image and fit it together like a jigsaw since the original image was too small. I think this looks really pretty. I got rid of the blue one (see below) and swapped it with this one. It has more detail than the blue one.

To make this one I had to copy and paste a part of the image.

This one is the right size.
Flower Wallpaper Tumblr Hd 1080P 12 HD Wallpapers

This one is the right size.
Flower Wallpaper Tumblr Hd Background 9 HD Wallpapers

This one is the right size.

To make this one I had to copy and paste and fit pieces together to make a bigger image.
green seperater

Here are the ones that I considered using but decided against it in the end.

small blue


blue old pop

I swapped this one out for the purple one four days before the deadline because it isn’t very detailed. To make this one I had to use image trace in Illustrator. The original image was too small so I made it into a vector. This enabled me to make it bigger but detail was lost when I traced it. So in the end I abandoned it.

I didn’t like the texture of the background.

I tried altering it but it didn’t end up working out. When I copied and pasted the image it was obvious to see where the joins were.
b4bf671d76323ae8da8aa4a80b9974b0 2

I tried using Image Trace in Illustrator. It just looks blurred and messy. At this point I abandoned the idea.
pink (2)

I wasn’t totally happy with the image of the large roses with the green leaves on the white background. It reminded me of a photograph and didn’t match well with the others which were stylised and less realistic and detailed in appearance. I thought a good way to change it would be to use a filter. I think my client likes filters. I did a Google search and tried out the different filters.

I found this one below to be the best.

Here is a picture of college which I took a while back.
2013-09-27 08.27.56

Here is an example of what the filter can do.
16 05 14

Here I am trying out different filters.
dun3 dun4

In the end I decided on this look and I’m glad I did because I had a lot of positive feedback on it. I choose this one because I think the client will like the shabby chic look. The ones above look too bleached out.

Here are the final choices. I’m really happy with these choices since I’ve had so much positive feedback from my tutor and fellow students. I can tell that people are not expecting to see floral patterns like these as they look surprised and happy when they see them.

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