Conception Of The Swirl Element

How did you come up with the idea for the swirl element?

After showing my design to the tutor, he advised that it wouldn’t be good for the website to be too clinical. He suggested I make a device to add something to the design.

I decided to use a part of this design.


I thought about having it to the left of the title.
4 11

I thought about having it to the right of the title.

Here I am in Illustrator, rotating, flipping and editing the vector every way I can think of.
swirl 13 05 14

Here are two outcomes of the process above.


Not sure about this one. It just doesn’t feel 100%.
5 PM

Here I am trying to make another idea fit.

Here I am realising that a design with a straight part is realistically the best way forward since everything else I am trying is not working.
untitled 4

Here I am trying out my ideas.
5 24

5 18

This looks better! More comfortable.
6 03

Here is the final design.
untitled 10 studio

Here is how it looks in its final placement.
This process took one day.

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