Conception Of The Musical Influences Section

In my research I had seen sites like these. I liked the way they had organised their videos. It looks tidy and structured.
vid honor

vid land

Since there isn’t that much content on the website because my cousin has only just started recording, I thought it would be good for people to get a feel of his musical taste by having a Musical Influences section.

At first I didn’t know the best way to have the videos shown. I’m really glad I found a better way than this. This looks quite amateurish and unattractive.
07 05 14

The next day I found out that Muse has its own widget for this so I decided to use it. Here I am learning how to make the widget work.
vid wig 08 05 14

I have added some thumbnails here.
vid wig 08 05 14 two

Here I am looking at the fill  menu. I’m trying to fill the thumbnail with a picture of the singer.11 05 14 thumbs

Here you can see I was successful.
11 05 14 thumbs 3

Here I am seeing if I can play a video.
vid wig 08 05 14 three

I’m trying to get all the thumbnails looking nice, neat and tidy.
11 05 14 thumbs sucre

Here I have successfully filled all the thumbnails with an image.
11 05 14 thumbs 4

At this point you can see I have added the menu and icons at the top.
12 05 14 gallery

Here I am later on making sure everything is properly spaced out. I find the best way to do this is to use ‘spacers’, as I call them which are rectangles. They help me to see if everything is in the right place.
spacers 15 05 14

I did receive feedback from the tutor. She said that it was best to have faces facing inwards. You can see in the post called ‘Final Design‘ that I have listened to this feedback and acted on it. I have fixed this issue and made sure the faces are facing inwards.


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