Vectors – Day 5

Its Day 5. My hand was starting to hurt at this point. The tutor had suggested I use a hedera in my design. I wanted to try it. I liked this one.

It means ivy.

Since I noticed that my designs were sometimes unbalanced, I thickened the stroke. The coloured lines are guides.

Mmm this turned out quite well. I thought that the smaller parts might be too small.
untitled 1

I think this one turned out really well. I tried to use bigger elements. The butterfly looks a bit small I suppose.
untitled 2

I had to stop at this point because my hand was hurting. It was obviously a repetitive strain injury. I quite like the last one I made here. Designing these things is difficult! I might make some more. Its lucky I’ve got this one to fall back on if none of these turn out well.


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