Vectors – Day 1

I decided I wanted to try to design my own vector. I went on a five-day vector binge which culminated in my right hand getting a repetitive strain injury! This is Day One. I made this sketch.
2014-04-09 17.53.19

I thought I’d try to make this middle piece.
2014-04-01 02.47.11

I coloured it in using Photoshop, to make it darker.
2014-04-01 02.47.11 2

I used Image Trace in Illustrator to turn it into a vector. Here I am using the Pen Tool and the Direct Selection Tool to define the shape I wanted.
01 04 14

I used a box as a guide to show me where to put the elements of the design.
01 04 14 2

Here I used object > transform > reflect > copy so the two sides would be symmetrical.
2014-04-01 02.47.11 3

This is as far as I got. It took a long time just to get this far.
01 04 14 3

Wow vectors take so long to make! It was quite frustrating. The pen tool should be renamed the frustration tool. This session has gone okay. There is obviously a long way to go. I will carry on tomorrow and see what I can make.


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