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I was passing the time reading the Mail Online. I came across this page and noticed the advert around the article.
frame idea

Since the page above is so full, here is the design without everything else. I liked this and thought it was worth putting on my blog. It was bright and cheerful and I couldn’t help but notice it. I was also interested in the white type which looks like handwriting.
frame idea

I did a search for TK Maxx to see if I could find further examples. Here is their site. Very neat and tidy.
tk max home

Close up.

Close up. This looks really pretty.

I clicked explore. This part is dedicated to ‘Me. By Me.’ One of the posts says ‘Post a photo of the colourful clothes you love in the comments for your chance to be in our next ad!’ People post photos of the clothes they bought at TK Maxx. These screenshots show what you see if you scroll down. More images with captions load as you scroll. It reminds me of summer and going on holiday which I think is the point since its nearly summertime. It looks eye-catching and the layout is tidy.
tkm1 tkm2 tkm3 tkm4 tkm5

Close ups. I really like the way they’ve done the borders. So clever and eye-catching.
STILLS_HUB8-488x690 STILLS_HUB25-488x690
The above from

When I returned to look at the site I noticed it had a different background every time. I really like this and think it looks great.
front page front page1 front page2 front page3 front page4 front page5 front page6 front page7 front page8 front page9 front page10 front page11 front page12 front page13 front page14 front page15
All of the above from

I really like the colour palate they’ve used.

I don’t think I’ll be able to use everything I’ve seen here because the client wants black and white. Imagine how it would have turned out if he’d wanted a lot of colour. I can use an accent colour though. I can also make frames in the same way they have here.

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