Suggesting Alterations to

I came across NALUDA Magazine by accident. ‘Naluda Magazine is a free, fresh monthly publication covering topics on lifestyle, fashion, entertainment, travel, events, music, sports, well-being & more.’

I’m a fan of Joyce Giraud. She is the pretty lady on the sides of the design.  I’m surprised by the design of the site. I’ve put red arrows in all the places I think need alteration.
Untitled-1 - Copy

  1. This part is a slide show. I was surprised to see that the title blocks the slide show! Look how silly it looks with the face obscured. It also seems a bit pointless to have all the slides repeated underneath but much smaller.
  2. Here the type is indented. I don’t see the point to this since none of the other type is indented.
  3. The picture doesn’t fit comfortably in the allocated space.
  4. Ridiculous. Same as number 3.
  5. These adverts look ridiculous. It’s obvious that these adverts were designed for a larger space and they’ve just been squashed to fit in the small space.
  6. Same as number 5.
  7. This type looks ridiculous. The allocated space is obviously too small.
  8. These two lines of text look really squashed.
  9. Same as number 8.

Update Friday 04/04/14
I went back to the site today and its changed already! It’s like they read my mind. They’ve fixed some of the problems. There are still some issues though which I’ve detailed below.

  1. They haven’t left enough room for the type here.
  2. This advert has been squashed to fit in the small space.
  3. Same as number one.
  4. The type is so small here its illegible.
  5. More tiny type.
  6. Same as number 1 and 3.
  7. I can’t read the type and the pictures looked squashed.
  8. These pictures are tiny. Pointless.

Here I’ve been looking at web design and using my common sense to see what works and what doesn’t. This design has a lot of potential so it’s a shame that it contains so many small problems. I will make sure I don’t make the same mistakes with my site.

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