Altering the Scroll – Paths

So on the 6th March the client told me he really likes this one. Its from

I went about getting rid of all the parts I wanted to change.

I tried a lot of different options.
untitled1 untitled2 untitled3 untitled4 untitled5 untitled6 untitled7 untitled8 untitled9

I couldn’t get the paths to join up properly which was really annoying.
error error1 error2

I think I ended up having to start again at this point. I got rid of the paths I didn’t want again. I later realised it had taken away some of the smaller details on the scroll.
ERASER tool 10 02

I tried splitting it up like this. I later realised this was unnecessary.
ERASER tool 10 07

Here I managed to delete the parts I didn’t want and keep the parts I did. So I was happy about that and I’ve improved my management of vectors.
10 30

Here I replaced the butterfly shaped parts. I wanted them to be separate vectors so I could apply different effects to them.
Original 10 46

By this time I realised I could lengthen the scroll without cutting and rejoining the horizontal path. That made everything a lot easier.
11 29 dark 11 31 light

These two last designs are the ones I will be showing the tutor. I might try some layer effects in Photoshop. I want to hurry up and get on with the other parts of the design.

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