Photos from the Client – Ideas

The client sent me these two photos on 1st March, for inspiration. They are photos of a Catholic Encyclopedia.


I put this photo into Photoshop and used Image > Adjustments to make it brighter and to make the design stand out more.
20140304_102619 - Copy

Then I used the pen tool to trace around it. It took a long time!
untitled1 untitled2

I used Object > Transform > Reflect to save time.
untitled3 untitled4 untitled5 untitled6

Here I put the path into Photoshop and had some fun rendering it in different ways.
untitled7 untitled8 untitled9 untitled10 untitled11 untitled12 untitled13 untitled14
untitled15 untitled16

It was fun to try this out to see what it would look like. I don’t know if I’ll be able to use it yet. I want to try an ornaments font and find out what I can make.


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