Guidance in Class – Illustrator

I took the two print outs I mentioned at the end of the previous post and showed them to the tutor. The tutor advised me to look up Hedera.
Picture 1

I didn’t know what that was! Here is a close up.

The tutor reminded me about the spiral tool.
Picture 1

Then you can change the width and direction using this tool.
Picture 2

Here is the result.
Picture 2

I had a go.
Picture 1

He also advised I look up a font that contains ornamentsI have already used those in the past.

There’s a lot more to do here in terms of making some ideas. There is potentially a million different patterns I could create.

Update 27/02/14: I’ve had a text conversation with the client and he says he doesn’t want to use his name. He is thinking of going with the name Deleytha, pronounced ‘de lay the’. I said that’s fine and that the name would go well with the designs I’ll be making.

Update 28/02/14: The client has sent me a picture of this pencil rubbing.
Ive asked him to send me a photo of the original. I showed the tutor and he said it looked like a goat.

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