Brief For BA Final Major Project

Date Set Monday 10th February 2014

My cousin, Rowan Viner, needs a website design to help him start off his career as a musician. He currently works full-time in a day job and works on his music in his spare time. Rowan created his solo project which he named Deleytha. He describes his music as visceral, ethereal, sensual, tranquil, subjective and narrative.

Design a website that will show Rowan’s music and his video. Meet with Rowan and find out exactly what he wants included on the site, the type of colour palette he likes and any other information needed.

The audience will be anyone who likes the type of music Rowan is making. Since Rowan has only just started and therefore isn’t ‘famous’, I will be asking Rowan what bands he likes and then I will know what type of audience Rowan can expect to get. In the first instance Rowan will want to show the website to his friends and family.

Deadline Wednesday 21st May 2014

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