Pop Art at the Barbican

Went to London on Thursday 6th February to see Pop Art Design at the Barbican. I had an earache but the exhibition finishes on the 9th so I had to take the chance to go. It was cold and rained all day. Here is the Barbican website:


Back of flyer…

Actually its an interesting area to walk around because the skyscrapers all have glass for outside walls so they all look very shiny, reflective and futuristic. I liked that a lot.

Before the exhibition we went to Wagamama which is conveniently just around the corner. The green tea is free!
2014-02-06 14.13.11

I ordered Yaki Udon. Love that! No. 42! This picture doesn’t look very appetising but it looks a lot better in real life and its delicious!

The Barbican is such a weird place. I said to my friend the other day how I think it looks like the inside of a 70s Dr Who tardis. When you walk in its very confusing. The lady at the ‘advance tickets desk’ tells you which level to go to. You then have to find the stairs or the lifts. It’s not well sign posted.

Anyway! I really enjoyed this exhibition. We got given a little booklet each about Pop Art.

These pictures and the descriptions don’t show the size of the pieces. This piece was about five or six metres long and it looked like you could sit on it.
one 2 3

This dress looked shiny and it didn’t look form-fitting. It looked like it was a size sixteen.
4 5

It’s difficult to tell from the picture but that lamp was huge! It was twice my height! I really liked it. I didn’t like the cowboy. It was so creepy. It was life-size and looked quite real.

The top piece here was life-size and it looked like you could sit on it. The bottom piece was one or two metres across.

The piece on the left was the size of a real chair and it looked like you could sit on it. Not the most attractive chair. The yellow lamp was a metre or more across.

This piece was a couple of metres across.

The piece on the left was life-size. The picture on the right was about three metres across.
10 11

Don’t threaten me with a good time!

Walking around the exhibition really reminded me of the film ‘Honey, I Shrunk The Kids‘ because a lot of the pieces were much bigger than they would be in real life. I saw a few pieces that would look really cool in someone’s house. That’s if you have a house big enough to display them. After the journey back we got soaked as we walked up the hill to where we had parked the car. Overall a very good day!

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