First Try Cover Ideas – Feedback In Class

Here I am trying out some ideas for the cover. When I started I realised that designing a cover is more difficult than I imagined. I showed these ideas to the tutor so he could advise me on the issues. All the photos in this post are from Shutterstock.

Can’t see the skates in this one.
16 01 14 idea

I thought I’d try the typeface I found in my post Bang On Trend Typography: London Grammar. I think it looks OK. The type covers the head.
16 01 14 idea 2

This photo leaves big white gaps and that brought the realisation that designing a cover might be more difficult than designing a spread. The tutor said that the gaps could potentially be part of the design.
16 01 14 idea 3

I thought I’d see if there were any other nice typefaces similar to Vow that I could try. Here is the similar fonts page. I didn’t really see anything I liked though.
like vow

Wow these typefaces don’t work well together at all. The top one I found in my post The League Of Moveable Type. The other is called Milk Script.
16 01 14 idea 4

This idea worked better. The typefaces don’t look great though.
16 01 14 idea 5

The tutor said I should have a look at a book called Issues: New magazine design. The tutor also said I should probably keep the subject on ice skating since that’s the point of the piece.


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