Informal Crit

Here are the images I showed at the crit. I wanted to see what the tutors thought of having the type centered like this. I wasn’t sure if they’d like it or not but they seemed to.
Anthony Neil Dart2 Anthony Neil Dart

Bomboland2 Bomboland

I had put together some very quick first ideas to show. Here they are:

The next three ideas show me trying to work out where the text should go. One student thought it should go over the right side where the windows are. There didn’t appear to be one definitive answer.
Five 2 Five 4 Five

Everyone seemed to like this one. I’d like to keep it like this with no type.

I wasn’t sure if anyone would like this one but one tutor said she did so I was happy about that. Unfortunately the picture is a bit blurred which is really annoying.

This idea received positive feedback. One student said it made her hungry which was a good response.

I said I would have liked to use this photo but as you can see the mince pie falls into the gutter.

Everyone seemed to like this one. The tutor said he liked it and it reminded him of the beginning sequence at Odeon cinemas. Everyone said ‘yeeeeeeh’ in agreement and nodded.

No one liked this one which isn’t surprising. I just wanted to try it out to see what it would look like.

The tutors advised me to design an advertorial. They said it should be smaller than a magazine. They said the design won’t need a lot of text. So overall the crit was very helpful because I hadn’t thought about doing an advertorial before.


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