Interesting and Inspirational Magazine Spreads

I picked this one because I like the way the type is centered. I’m not a massive fan of condensed typefaces but I think the title looks sophisticated here.

Here is some more centered type. Even though it looks really innocuous, I think it looks really sophisticated and it makes more of an impact because it’s really simple.

I picked this one because I like the typeface used here. I like the little box with type inside it too.
Veronica Cordero

I picked these two because I like the modern typeface and the centered type. I also notice that the image on the right has a white border around it.
Bomboland Bomboland2

I picked these two because I like the modern typeface and the centered type. The only thing about centered type is I think it looks a bit austere and serious but I think the positives outweigh the negatives.
Anthony Neil Dart Anthony Neil Dart2

I picked this one because the image has a white border around it.
Sants Serif

I picked this one because of the beautiful design on the front. I’m a big fan of bright colours against dark backgrounds. I’m hoping some of my designs will achieve a similar contrast. This design is very eye-catching.

I picked this one because of the way the columns are set out. I don’t feel this design is particularly great because it’s quite squashed up but I like the way the designer has arranged the columns in a creative manner. If the designer had of used more white space and less body text it could have looked good. Plus I don’t know why the columns have been arranged like that but at least the designer attempted something creative, even if it doesn’t really work very well.
385aff4d8317e5a92cee736f04bcb775 cdd0d098edd51f4c6918b2978d87f419

I picked this one because it looks like the C is shaking. I picked the one below because of the large striking black shapes which I assume are type. Not sure if this kind of thing would be appropriate for my design.
untitled untitled2

I picked this one because I really like the way the pull quote is blue and how the blue colour extends to the adjacent body text. It’s a really clever effect.

I picked this one because I like the transparent and centered type.

I like this one because of the creative way the columns are arranged. I think this spread is more successful than the one above called ‘Paper Provokes’ because this one uses more white space and the elements can breath.

I included this one because I like the over sized apostrophe. It gives the page an interesting visual element.

Nice colourful type. If you look you can see an image of a distressed woman. The type reads ‘help for Japan’. Not sure what the white parts are meant to be. The colour combination is very striking.

I included this because of the centered type and the over-size ‘A’. It’s very striking. The use of the white space in the two spreads underneath is interesting.
untitledmmmmmm untitledmmmmmmm


I’ve been looking at how type can be centered. It looks minimal and makes an impact. It also looks sophisticated. I will see if I can use this in my ideas. It has also been interesting to see how graphic designers use white space.

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