Brief for APP 2


For the third successive year, the open air ice rink returned to Tunbridge Wells, in the natural amphitheatre of Calverley Grounds. The rink is open seven days a week from Friday 22 Nov – Sunday 5 Jan 2014. The site says ‘Visit this fantastic town centre location and enjoy a skate with family and friends. Non-skaters can indulge themselves with a hot chocolate or a warming glass of mulled wine while they shop at the traditional chalets or watch the festive fun unfold on the ice.’


Create some designs for an advertorial. A minimum of two double page spreads and a front cover design on the theme ‘Town’. The area to be featured is Calverley Grounds at Christmas time when the skating rink is there. The advertorial must encourage people to visit Calverley Grounds when the rink is there.


The client is the organiser of the rink.


The audience will be people in the local area. The audience could be the readers of a local magazine such as So Magazine. The advertorial could be posted through peoples’ letterboxes. The residents of Tunbridge Wells may like to see the rink being featured. Anyone who likes photography or skating may like to see the rink and find out a little bit about it.


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