Treehouse – Flat Design recognises Treehouse’s web site design as flat. I thought I should look up the trend and find out who popularised it.

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Windows 8

I chose not to block ads since I want to become a graphic designer, I need to know what ads look like since I might end up designing them one day. The ad for treehouse caught my attention. I thought it looked different to other ads. It had a charming quality about it that drew me to it. It looks modern and friendly. I saw these adds on various sites. I haven’t given a link since the adds rotate so I can’t guarantee when they will appear.


untitled1 2

untitled9 25


The following images are from and

untitled9 2









untitled9 10

untitled9 11

untitled9 13

untitled9 14

untitled9 15

untitled9 16

untitled9 17

untitled9 18

untitled9 19

untitled9 20

untitled9 21

untitled9 22

untitled9 23

untitled9 24

untitled9 26

untitled9 27

untitled9 28

untitled9 29

untitled9 30

untitled9 31

untitled9 32


It’s hard to remember what all these icons mean without going back to the treehouse website to look them up. They aren’t self-explanatory and I don’t use treehouse so I haven’t seen them regularly to be able to recite their meaning. They obviously serve their purpose on the website though. I think the reason they have so many icons is because they have a lot of different courses. They don’t seem to want to show any of the course content so they show a symbol or icon instead. The colours are slightly dusky. It certainly brightens up the website and without them much of the site would be just text. They break up the page. I’m not sure how useful this will be for my current project but you never know.

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