How I Overcame Problems In Muse

The issues here occurred from the 3rd to the 9th of December during the building of the website.

I noticed that while previewing the website in my browser, the page would scroll from left to right like the page was too large. After a while of trying to find the issue it turned out to be a text box I had moved was now jutting out the side of the webpage.

pic too small

Another issue I encountered was with one of my textures. In the image below it shows the texture had gaps on either side.

pic too small 04 12 13

I had to make the image a lot larger, it was made to around 70cm by 70cm.

Here in this next example, there was a small white gap to the left of the texture. All I had to do was increase the size of the rectangle that contained the texture to cover the whole canvas.

white gap

I also had the rectangle for the navigation bar far to wide. It was causing the page to have to scroll when in a web browser. It was simply fixed by resizing it.


Another problem had been with the footer not being flush against the bottom of the page. The reason was that if a text box is dragged towards the bottom of the page it will automatically increase the size of the canvas. I had a text box over the footer so when I moved it to the bottom of the page it would automatically increase. I fixed this by making the footer large enough, so when moved to the bottom it would not change the canvas.

bottom bar 04 12 13

At the same time I noticed that when I previewed the page in a browser the text on the footer would not appear. After a lot of trial and error trying to figure this out, I realised it was being covered by another box, as shown below.

footer issue 06.12.13 3

I was then able to just make the rectangle above small enough to not cover the text.

While further checking the website for issues I came across this gap between the texture and image. It was simple to fix, as I just dragged the top box down.

gap 05 12 13

After I had added in the form for the Contact section, I noticed that when exporting the website to HTML the error shown below would appear. After a quick Google search, I concluded that it was not going to be an issue as the website would not be fully live.

error message 06 12 13

I would normally view the website in Google Chrome. This became an issue when this error began to appear. I initially did a Google search and found the post below on the topic.

From one of the posts at the above link, I concluded that the reason this error was showing was because it is not a live website but just a file on my computer. I did find however that viewing the website in Safari was fine so I have been doing so since.

problem no para scroll 09 12 13 1250

At one point during the build I noticed when viewing the page in HTML, the buttons would have a different background colour to the navigation bar. This was even after double checking the colours were exactly the same. To get around this problem and because I had to use an image fill to make them stick at the top of the page, I created a transparent image in Photoshop. I used this as the image fill and that has fixed the problem.

Picture 1


2 thoughts on “How I Overcame Problems In Muse

  1. Can you please help me with one problem in Muse? There’s no way I can fix the footer issue. I’ve tried to change the size of the footer, making more larger, but it not works, it never be flush against the bottom of the page. I think I don’t understood what did you do to fix that problem.

    • Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been really ill. I assume you have fixed your footer issue now. However if its still a problem I can help you now. Either way Id be interested to know what the problem was.

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