How I Made The Textures

My research showed that I had the option to use textures as the background for my website. I really like textures. Textures give a more professional look and feel to a site. Textures are conspicuous in their absence on the UAWA site so it seemed a great opportunity to use them.

I thought a linen texture would look great. I used this tutorial which I would strongly recommend. Some linen tutorials are long but this one is very short and effective.

Here is the result. I’m not massively liking this. I feel like the fibers can not be seen clearly which negates the whole point. The colour is mucky too.
16 12 13

In the end I decided to use this nice grey colour as it looks professional.
16 12 13 2

The diamond texture I used in my design is inspired by the Simple Key website.  I learnt how to make a repeating pattern here:
16 12 13 7

I made it in Illustrator:
16 12 13 6

Here is the result:
16 12 13 3

Next I made a jeans texture. Here is the tutorial I used. I would recommend this tutorial but…
16 12 13 9

…one thing to bear in mind. I was using a very big canvas and the material came out huge. That is to say it looked like a zoomed in version of jeans:
16 12 13 9 10

So be careful of that. This would be fine for some peoples needs but it really distracts from the text and photos I’m using so I had to remake it with a more zoomed out appearance. I did this by scaling the image down and then using the clone stamp tool to repeat the pattern:
jeans fix 03 12 13

Here is the result:
16 12 13 4

I got the final texture from here:
16 12 13 9 11

Here is the final texture.
16 12 13

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