Experimenting In Illustrator – Logo Ideas

I thought I’d have a bit of fun, messing about, to see what I could make in Illustrator. I used this video to learn how to make the idea I had in my head:

The idea I had in my mind was based on the shape of a circle with interconnecting pieces. These were inspired by Spirograph.
first try 05 12 13 2try 05 12 13

I used this menu. I tried a number of different effects to see what would happen.
17 12 13

3try 05 12 13 4try 05 12 13 5try 05 12 13 6try 05 12 13 7try 05 12 13 8try 05 12 13

I downloaded this font. Its called Soft Ornaments Seventeen:
dl 17

Here I am looking at it in Word.
05 12 13

Here I am trying it in Illustrator.
9try 05 12 13

I also downloaded a font called Fluid Spiral.

Here I am looking at it in Word.
05 12 13 try out

I watched this video to remind me how to rotate an object.

Trying some ideas in Illustrator.
10try 05 12 13 11try 05 12 13

This was fun but I won’t be using any of these as serious ideas. It’s good to refresh my memory about what Illustrator is capable of.

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