Acclaimed Web Design – Trendy Typeface – Wallmob Site

I have been looking through sites which showcase (and in some instances award) the best web design. The Wallmob site is one that has been mentioned on many of these sites including:

Wallmob is a Danish-based company that primarily focuses on POS systems. The design is very clean and minimal. Each page has a small amount of type on it. The menu at the bottom of the first page looks very modern and classy.

The ‘patented back office’ section has a simple animation which catches your eye but doesn’t fully distract you from the rest of the information. Its clever how the background is consecutively coloured white and light grey to show the different pages/sections. The other thing that’s interesting is the way they have two bottom bars. I don’t recall seeing this very often.

There is also a menu at the side which pops out when you click on the menu button.
Picture 2

When you scroll down, the menu at the bottom moves up and stays in position at the top of the page so you can easily jump from one section to another.
Picture 3

I love the typeface. I found it. Its Raleway Thin.
wall 916 -

This page tells me it was designed by Matt McInerney.

I can see why this site has been mentioned on so many of the web design sites. It has a very clean design with a pop of bright blue. The menu which stays at the top of the page is a trend I have seen on other sites. You can stop on nearly any section and the design is really powerful. Each section looks like the main attraction. I dont think I’ve seen many sites achieve this before.

At first I thought three menus is too much and wondered why they had gone overboard like this. Having a click around, I’m still a bit confused. I think the main point is that the main page is one long page so the designer wants the viewer to be able to find a link and jump to their desired subject and not scroll up and down endlessly as this is time consuming and irritating. There is a lot to think about here and keep in mind for my future designs.

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