Simple Key describes this piece as follows: ‘SimpleKey is a multi-purpose one page WordPress Theme. It will suit everyone who wants to show their portfolios or introduce their company services. If you are an iPhone or an Andriod APP developer, you can also use this theme for your APP products introduction, or you can simply use it for your daily blogging.’

The main reason I think this piece works so well is the combination of:

  • photography – the designer has used really great photography. Pictures of a city from very high up, a picture of a building with flags on a cobbled street, route 66 in America, a dock with cars going by captured using slow shutter and a few pictures of some continental buildings with shutters.
  • vector icons – some simple vector icons illustrate the different services available.
  • type – the typeface is clear, simple and modern.
  • infographic – there is an infographic to illustrate levels of skill.
  • textures – the textures have had a big influence on me. I think textures really bring something extra to the quality of the design.
  • menu – There are two menus. The menu at the top stays visible when you scroll down. This is really useful as you can jump to another place without scrolling. The portfolio section has its own menu which splits up the work into different types.
  • parallax scrolling – the way the site moves is really eye-catching. It makes it look really professional and 3D. It makes the page come alive a little bit because it moves in a way you might not expect.

sk-flat (3)

The disadvantages of the site is that it is a template so if you are looking for a unique design, this will not be it. Perhaps you can customise it though and change the photography and colour scheme so you can differentiate it from the crowd.

Since I like this design so much I researched into the designer and it turns out he lives in Xi’an city in China. His website tells me the following ‘I’m a freelance web designer that live in Xi’an city, and I like create unique WordPress Theme, now I’m working on ThemeForest full time. Visit my portfolios on ThemeForest.’

I looked up his city. Its marked in red on this map from Google:

He also has a twitter so I could ask him a question.

I will definitely be thinking about this design when I make my website. I will almost definitely be using textures. If I can work out how to create parallax scrolling I may use that too.


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