First Look at Adobe Muse

A friend told me about Adobe Muse. I wasn’t sure at first and thought it might be difficult to learn. I thought I should at least check it out. What a pleasant surprise!

This teaches me that to achieve Parallax scrolling I must choose ‘Tile‘ for the Fitting on the Fill menu.

This teaches me how to keep the menu at the top of the page. I’ve always wanted to know how to do this!

This helpful comment explains that Muse produces sites in HTML5 CSS3.

So here I learnt that I will need to learn to use ‘Anchors‘. I also like the way that the buttons change colours to match the background colour. I could definitely see myself using that in a design.

This tutorial shows how to use the Parallax options. It looks amazing. I will have to think about how this effect might be suitable for my designs.

Wow its hard to believe how amazing this is! I didn’t realise that the software makers had got this far with improving the possibilities for people like me who do not code. I had always wanted to be able to make my designs move. Now I can!

This completely changes how I will come up with the ideas for my site. It’s almost like a video or animation with all the different moving parts. I wonder if I will be able to make type and pictures move around the screen. The mind boggles at what could be created.


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