Concise Design – Justin Bieber’s Journals Artwork

After hearing the news that Katy Perry has overtaken Justin Bieber as the most followed person on Twitter, I decided to check out Justin’s twitter page to see how many followers he has. I saw the pink symbols on the left. I didn’t know what they meant. jb twit

In the end I found out that Justin is releasing one single (aka #journal) every Monday (#MusicMondays) and the symbols are the artwork. I added the grey border myself otherwise the edges can’t be seen. Here they are:

all-bad-415 heart

All That Matters
all-bad-415 atm

Hold Tight
all-bad-415 atm tight

all-bad-415 rec

Bad Day
all-bad-415 rain

All Bad


Roller Coaster
all-bad-415 atm roller
I think there are a few more yet to be released. I will probably add them to this post.

I want to find out what typeface is used on Justin’s Twitter on the top left. Here is the image I put into

Akzidenz Grotesk BQ is the closest match I could find. The S doesn’t look quite the same though.
found it main name font

Here are some of the other results from that were close matches:
BJ 1
BJ 2 found it main name font 2 found it main name font 3

While I’m at it I’d like to know what one of the typefaces on Justin’s website is.jb site

Here is the image I put into whatfontis.comjustin b

Found it! Its Open Sans. font jb red

It is available in different weights.
open sans

I also had a look at Justin’s Believe Movie site. It looks like this:

I’ve seen this type of grid before. It looks like it’s all mixed up but it isn’t. There are columns. It’s quite clever. If I make my browser bigger/smaller the grid re-adjusts to fit. I already recognise the typeface that is used. Its Raleway. See below:

It comes in different weights:

Justin’s Believe Movie site uses boxes with textured backgrounds to show the tweets received from fans. Here are the different textures:
paper material lines diamond cross

The artwork for the ‘journals’ are some of the most inspiring pieces of design I’ve seen since I discovered the Simple Key website template. It is very eye-catching and striking. You can’t help but look at it. These pieces illustrate the point about the best idea being the most simple one.

At the moment I am planning on using textured backgrounds for my website as they give a more professional look.

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