What is visual communication?

I’m posting this because I think it gives a really good description of what visual communication is.

‘Visual communication is a reality as soon as a word is typed, a colour chosen, or a
text displayed on the screen, and any visual expression, whether it is intentional or not,
communicates something to the visitor of the site. The Web designer can never bypass
the effects of graphic design elements. These are given on every Web site. If we choose
a vibrant, warm red colour for the menu, we communicate something different than if
we had chosen a calm, cool blue colour. If we have a specially designed typography
made for our headlines we leave a more personal impression on our Website than if we
choose the most common typography such as, for example, Verdana. However, complex,
multimedia installations, impressive pictures, and video clips are, at least in principle,
optional extras, since they are not given factors that must be dealt with in any Web design.
We are forced to work with the visual elements of text and colour, but we can
bypass aesthetic effects in the form of stimulating multimedia Flash installations and
pretty pictures.

The only thing we cannot avoid is that there is always visual communication on a
Web site, whether the use of visual effects is deliberate or not. We need to know about
graphic effects and visual symbols, so that our communication can be intentional. The
visual effects play an important role in the communication of content, in addition to
creating more or less aesthetic experiences.’

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