Sirah – Trendy Typography

I found this piece of typography through a program called Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. The sound track featured a song which I thought was really cool. I found the song on YouTube. The artist is called Sirah. artworks-000030675378-g5ijch-t500x500

The same type is also found on Sirah’s website. Sirah

This typography reminds me of typefaces I have already featured on my blog in the posts called ‘Inspiration for Social Media Icons‘ and ‘Sigma Website – Trendy Type‘. I don’t know what typeface this is though. I think it might be a customised typeface or at least customised letters created just for this artist. I have seen other artists with similar typography on their covers. I think there is definitely a trend towards interesting typefaces which I really like.

I think an interesting typeface really brings something to a piece of design as opposed to seeing the same old typefaces. Perhaps I can ask my tutor about this piece. I wonder if I could download a typeface like this.

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