RuPaul is Typography!

‘RuPaul, is an American actor, drag queen, model, author, and recording artist’

This was in my Inbox this morning.

I clicked SHOP NOW which took me to the MAC website.
mac rupaul

Pros – Both designs are really simple. I love the bright red against the white background. His outfit reminds me of red lipstick.

Cons – I am not a massive fan of using capitals for a whole paragraph of writing. Its hard to describe why. It looks a bit ‘hard’. Plus if capitals are used for the whole piece then it is harder to see which is the title and what is the information.

Interesting – I was immediately interested in who this person was and I wanted to find out what they are known for. I found out that his name is RuPaul.


I don’t intend to make a design exactly like this but it does serve to remind me that often a simple design is the best. This is memorable.

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