Champagne & Limousines

I was at M&S looking at all the lovely things when I saw this. The illustrations and lovely typography really caught my eye.
2013-08-10 15.29.01

I wanted to find out which font this is. I put this image into
2013-08-10 15 crop

The amazing Phi Caps popped up as the first result. It isn’t the right one.
untitled cap

Here it is! Look at the A and the S. This is it. Champagne & Limousines by Lauren Thompson.
untitled lim

Unfortunately it is no longer downloadable. That really is a shame.

2 thoughts on “Champagne & Limousines

  1. Thanks for that. I had seen the newer one. If you type in ‘A’ it doesn’t have the pointed top. I was disappointed about that. The question is did Lauren Thompson sell Champagne & Limousines to Marks & Spencer for their exclusive use?

    Dope Couture uses Futura.
    They don’t own it.

    So I guess it’s all to do with licenses. I wonder if Marks & Spencer buys all its fonts and uses them exclusively or do they ‘borrow’ some like Dope Couture. I guess it would cost more to always buy fonts exclusively.

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