How I made a Do Not Disturb door tag

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A relative of mine was quite stressed with work. I thought he might benefit from a Do Not Disturb sign so he could get some peace. I needed a template so I did a search. I looked at some different shapes. Don’t mind the design subject here, obviously I’m not marrying my relative!

I put the picture into Photoshop and adjusted it until it looked like this.

I then opened the file in Illustrator and used Image Trace.

Image trace turns an image into a vector and is incredibly useful.

I used Transform > Reflect.

So now I have a front and a back template.untitled123

I looked at a few different images. My relative likes sailing so I used this yacht.

I used this mirror as the picture frame.

I used this wheel, in-keeping with the nautical theme.

I added the type and the pictures.
a4 size44

I printed the design onto a piece of A4 paper. I stuck it onto the plain side of some cardboard. I cut out each shape. I glued the two pieces together. I but the tag under a pile of heavy books and left it for a number of hours.
2013-07-11 14.10.46

Here is the finished design.
2013-07-12 17.00.56

The other side.
2013-07-12 17.01.26
He was surprised that I’d got him a present as there was no particular occasion. He said ‘where did you find this?!’ I said I made it. He said how?!

Get your FREE all vector template from my deviantART page now! Look for the download button:button
Click below:


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