Basement Jaxx Competition

JDO came to my college and gave a presentation. Their work is amazing and we were all blown away! They invited us to submit a design for their Basement Jaxx competition. Click the link below for more information.

I don’t think I’ll win so I just entered for fun. Broadcasting Basement Jaxx music into the universe. Aliens pick up the signal. They like it and they fly in to investigate.
Broadcast music

A simple idea of a colourful galaxy. I want the audience to imagine that alien life exists in this galaxy.

The friendly alien is looking up at the name of Basement Jaxx and planet Earth.
Happy alien

Here the friendly alien looks up at the name Basement Jaxx and listens to their music through head phones.
Head phones

I want to show that the people of Earth are not alone. I also want to show how everything is connected in the universe.
UFO earth

The friendly alien is peeping up at planet Earth, listening to Basement Jaxx music. He wants to meet Basement Jaxx. The friendly alien would be an ideal merchandising piece such as a soft toy or keyring.

Ideas I Didn’t Submit


earth2 light text

bj 3

bj 4

bj 5

bj 6

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