Making the Beauty page

The idea for this page started quite a while back and comes from my love of make-up. I sent this email out containing a lot of photos of emerald make-up. I was interested to see if anyone else liked it. Most did.

I looked up the Pantone site to learn more.

They have a swatch you can download for Photoshop for FREE which is great.

I looked at lots of photos on Google image search. It was difficult to choose between them. Even though they are all beautiful, I couldn’t use all of them. Here are the ones I didn’t use.


full (2)

full (5)

full (4)


emerald_pantone color 2013







34 (4)

34 (3)

34 (5)

34 (6)

Here are the photos I did use.


full (1)

medium (1)


For the column on the far right hand side I made a little link showing four emerald nail varnishes.




Here is how it looks.
23 05 13

For the hair link I, by chance, found this amazing looking tong. I’ve never seen one like this before.
28-best-bet-curling-iron (1) - Copy

I put the photo into Photoshop and cut out this really unusual part.
28-best-bet-curling-iron (1) - Copy
I used the eyedropper tool to get the lovely purple aubergine colour from the tong.

I used it to fill the background. A dark background was needed otherwise the white tong is lost on the background. Here is how it looks.
T3 23 05 13

I wanted to have an actual emerald on the page. I thought I would try to make a vector. I found this.

I found a close-up.

I put the picture into Photoshop and inverted it.
untitled55555 untitled555555

I then put that image into Illustrator and used the image trace tool. This gave me the paths and I then coloured it using a emerald to transparent gradient.
23 05 13 illustrator

I then put it into Photoshop. I used my class mates (Alex Greenhead) post on making and using a brush to remind me how to get the brush to perform as I wanted it to. Check his blog out on the link below. (He has just made an amazing brochure.)

Here I am experimenting in Photoshop. It didn’t work as well as I thought it would because the shiny part was transparent. So it looked a bit messy and unrealistic.

Trying again here. It doesn’t look any better.

Finally realised I need to get rid of the transparent part. Made other small changes.

This is better! Now its working and looking a bit more realistic.

Trying to get a design together.

It doesn’t look as good on the screen as it did in my head. It’s not really working.

Decided to have just one gem in the corner. Its enough.

Looks better with a gradient.

Placed all the pictures and text on the page.

Decided to give up with my vector and used a photo of a gem. Have to say, this photo looks so much better!

This is where I, by chance, found the picture of the gem.
pantone page

I put the image into Photoshop and took away the background and voilà!

Looking at the design so far (below), I thought people might be confused with the way I’ve placed the text so I decided to rearrange the design.
21 05 13

Here, at least, people will understand the flow of the text and not get confused.
22 05 13
I am happy with this design and I think its successful. I didn’t have any time to get feedback from the tutor on this page like I did with the others. I did, however, make my own evaluations as I went and I have outlined the changes I made above.

I ended up moving the picture of the eye-shadow away from the gem to see what it would look like. I think this looks good but I’m now confused about the flow of the text. I think people prefer to read starting on the left so I think I’ll stick to the design above. I think I need to ask my tutor to explain in what order it is best to place text on the page as I’m obviously not sure about it.
23 05 13 - 05 54


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