Making the Photography page

I did a search for famous photographers . I came across Annie Leibovitz.
untitled -1

‘Annie Leibovitz is undoubtedly one the most famous and recognizable photographers in the world.’ ( So I thought it would be interesting to use her as the subject of the article.

I then looked at her most famous photographs. She has taken portraits of celebrities like Demi Moore and Angelina Jolie. I thought those were great but then I found her Disney collection. I knew this would be the best collection to feature because I have noticed a trend recently that people of all ages are now interested in Disney films, not only children. I think it has become more ‘cool‘ these days to be in the know about Disney films. The other reason is because it is interesting to see the characters as human beings, as opposed to animated figures. It brings the characters to life and makes us wonder what it would be like to live their life.

Here is the picture I decided to use. I decided to use this one because she is smiling.

For the right hand side column I used this picture because it is eye-catching.

Picture of Brett Harkness.

Picture of David Loftus.

I used this picture because it is the first one that appears in the gallery so I thought that made sense.

Here is how the page looked when I started the article.
untitled 08 05 13 time 11 30 pm

This is a mock-up of how I would have liked the page to look ideally. I tried to make it a reality but after I had sliced the page up, the gallery always displaced other parts of the page out of their place. I tried several different solutions but nothing worked. In the end I gave up because it was using up too much time.
untitled 09 05 13 time 12 44 am

Here I’m trying different typefaces. This one is Proxima Nova Bold in 61pt.

I ended up using Pluto Sans Bold in 53pt because I thought it was better that all the caps were the same height.
22 05 13

At the crit I was given feedback. I was told that the article can start under the picture of Leibovitz. So I made that change. I also broke up the big paragraph into smaller columns. I decided to go with all caps for the title because the tutor and a class mate both gave me feedback on the fact that some of the titles were all caps and some were normal sentence case. So I decided to make all the titles all caps to make the style consistent.
21 05 13
I am happy with how this page turned out. It may look like a small page but the gallery adds over twenty images so I think that makes up for it.

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