Making the Music page

I decided to do an article on Coachella as I kept seeing it being mentioned on the internet. I’d never heard of it before so I hope others would like to discover it too.

I looked at a number of different pictures to see which would be the most eye-catching to use. Here are some of the pictures I looked at but didn’t end up using.






Here are the pictures I did use. I used this picture because the Ferris wheel is quite a spectacle.

This huge snail moves around the festival. I thought it was something different and eye-catching so I included it.

I thought this would be perfect because it has enough space for the title.
Jack Johnson Cherry Picker

For the right hand side column I used this image as it links back perfectly to the subject of the article.

Iggy Azalea is a popular singer so I thought I would include her. She looks beautiful and eye-catching in this picture.

Here is how the layout looked when I started the design. I used the text from the previous article as a template to design around.

The typeface I decided to use was Pluto Bold in 48pt. I used this one because the C has an interesting shape. Since music festivals are interesting and different I thought the two would go well together.

Here (below) is how the design looked at the time of the crit on the 13th May. I wont talk about that here as I made a separate post about that.

Here you can see I have made some changesI brought the menu down a little bit on the left. I did this through my own reflection, not because of feedback. I just didn’t like the way it looked like it was glued to the black border. It looked squashed. So I brought it down a touch.
Music w1600 h900 07 05 13 time 11 08

Here is how the design looks now. As you can see I have made further changes. At the crit the tutor said its better to avoid large columns of text so I made the large columns at the bottom of the page into two smaller ones which will be easier for the audience to read.
Music-w1600-h900 20 05 13
I think this design has been successful and I’m happy with it.

Here is where I got the article from for the music page.


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