Making the Fashion page

For the fashion page I had the idea to do an article on the highest paid model in the world. I didn’t know who it was so I did a search to find out. I found this page.

So the answer is Gisele Bündchen. I looked at a number of different pictures to see which would be the most eye-catching to use. Here are some of the pictures I looked at but didn’t end up using.

Harper's Bazaar Brazil November 2012 2

Harper's Bazaar Brazil November 2012 1





Here are the pictures I did use. I used this picture because she is smiling and she looks like she’s celebrating her success.

I used this one because I needed a smaller picture to fit in the grid and the colours are beautiful.

I used this one because it fits into the grid and it shows off her long model legs.

I used this one because it fits in the grid and because I saw this image in an advert for The One fragrance from Dolce & Gabbana.

For the link on the right hand side column I wanted to do a link about music so I did a search to find a popular indie band. I do not personally listen to indie music but I know it is very popular. I did a search to find out which bands are relevant. I found this page.

On the page above I found a picture of the Bombay Bicycle Club. I have heard this band being discussed on Radio 1 so I decided to use this band.

I used this one because I saw that Cara Delevingne was in the press recently and her face is attractive and eye-catching.

I used this one because Kate Moss is a well-known model.

Here is how I placed the pictures on the page.
06 05 13 Fashion w1600 h900

The typeface I used is Proxima Nova Black in 61pt.
08 05 13

Here you can see I have made some changes. I decided to go with all caps for the title because the tutor and a class mate both gave me feedback on the fact that some of the titles were all caps and some were normal sentence case. I could see how this was confusing the tutor and making him think that some pages were articles and some weren’t  All the pages he was looking at were articles so I changed all the titles to all caps. My class mate also expressed a preference for all caps. So this convinced me to change all the titles to all caps.

You can also see I brought the menu down a little bit on the left. I did this through my own reflection, not because of feedback. I just didn’t like the way it looked like it was glued to the black border. It looked squashed. So I brought it down a touch.

I also added the Copyright type at the bottom of the page. The other change I made was to add the name of the journalist who wrote the article. Of course these journalists are fictional. The name and date give the site realism. I added this through looking at my research and realising it needed to be on the design.
20 05 13
I think this design has been successful and I’m happy with it.

I got the article from the following sites:

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