Making the Dream Digital app advert – for tablet

For the tablet I want to do a similar design. I will use a grid again.

I did a search for a psd file of an iPad to use. I found this free download.

Here is what the download contains.

Although I am not interested in Emma Watson myself, I see around the internet that a lot of people are so I wanted to put her in the design. She looks edgy here, suggesting a lifestyle.

I wanted to look for a picture related to men so I used these men’s sunglasses from asos. I though the bright colour would be eye-catching.

I thought two shoes together would make a landscape size image so I picked the two following shoes from asos.
image1xxl (1)

I though the bright colour would be eye-catching.
image1xxl (2)

I thought this picture of the Moorea Pearl Resort & Spa in French Polynesia would be great as it suggests travel and lifestyle.

This picture also suggests travel and lifestyle.

I filled one of the modules with the colour emerald because its Pantone Colour of the Year.

Here is how the advert looks on the travel page.

Here is a close up of the design.

I’m happy with this design. Its meant to be fun and simple and I think I achieved that.


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