Making a custom button for my site

The dazed digital site has a box where you can enter your email and subscribe so I decided to do the same for my site. I wanted to make a custom button. I used two D’s back to back and applied the brand colours using a gradient.

It took me a while to work out how to apply one gradient over two separate objects. In the end I found out I need to make both objects into one compound path. I found this out from here:

I also wanted to learn how to save the gradient I’d made as making gradients is quite tedious and time-consuming. I used this website to find out how to save it in case I wanted to use it again.

Here is the final design in Illustrator.
I think it’s quite fun and simple which is what I wanted.

Here is how it looks on the page.
Hopefully people would understand what it is as the type explains quite clearly.

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