Making the Travel page

I got my ideas for the travel page by doing a Google search. I searched for the most beautiful landscapes. I found a page called ‘30 Most Breathtaking & Beautiful Landscape Photography‘. This is where I got the idea to make the travel article about Cinque Terre. I’d never heard of these villages before so hopefully others would enjoy discovering them.
got the idea here

I was going to use this photo as the title photo but when I put it on the page it looked a bit blurred so instead I used it in a smaller size and it looks fine like that. It’s an amazing spectacle and the lights look like stars.

Here is the photo I used for the title. It worked well as it has quite a lot of sky in it so there is space for the title.

Here is the photo I used to finish off the article at the bottom of the page.

I realised that the first question everyone would ask would be ‘where is Cinque Terre‘ so I decided to use Illustrator to make a simple map. I looked at some maps online to help me. I used the pen tool to make a path around the mainland.

The path of the mainland was good but it was too big. I only needed the coast line really, not the rest of it. I decided to use the path finder palette to make it smaller.

I don’t have any screen shots so I will demonstrate. I want to get rid of the part outside the black path.
path finder1

First highlight both shapes. Then using the path finder palette:
path finder

Click crop:
path finder

You can see here the piece outside the box is gone. So that is how I cropped my map down to the right size.
path finder3

I thought this image would be good as I needed an outline of Italy. I wanted to add the colour myself.

I tried using image trace but I didn’t really like the result. It lacked detail.

This image turned out to be the one I used to get the outline of Italy. I used image trace to get the path of the outline.


Here in Illustrator I put some colour on the map using a gradient.

I then brought the two pieces of the map together. Here is the finished design. I decided to use the colours from the Dream Digital logo.

For the right hand side column I thought it would be good to have an article about Madeon, a popular French DJ. I got this picture from YouTube. I thought the lights on his equipment would be eye-catching.

I put it on the page next to the picture of Cinque Terre and it overwhelmed the picture and was too distracting. So I looked for another DJ and I remembered that djmag ( had ranked Armin Van Buuren number one DJ in the world so I decided I would make the link about him. I used this picture so it wouldn’t overwhelm the picture of Cinque Terre.
Armin Van Buuren 1600x1200 Club Music Wallpaper×1200%20Club%20Music%20Wallpaper.jpg

Here is how the design looks at the moment.
I’m happy with how this page has turned out. I think I have overcome the issues I explained above.

I got the article from the following sites:


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