Feedback From the Crit

Here are the images I showed at the crit:

Here is the Fashion page.

Here is the Music page.

Here is the Photography page.

I explained that the picture of the pirate would contain a link which would take the viewer to the gallery. The gallery will contain the following pictures:

Here is the Travel page.

The tutor helpfully pointed out that I could rearrange the text on the Photography page. He said that I could make it into two separate columns to get rid of the large paragraph under the picture of Leibovitz. I think it’s a good idea and I will make that change.

I asked if the tutors thought the last column on the right should be moved over further to the right. I was glad that they didn’t feel this was necessary.

So now I need to get on with the front page and the Beauty page. I will also finish off the pages above. I will then get some more feedback.


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