Video –

Here is the video main page.

Plus – The layout is really clear and simple. The page isn’t overloaded with content and links. There are a couple of social media buttons. The page is easy to use. I don’t have to click back to get to more videos. The video itself is a decent size. The advert at the top isn’t distracting me at all.

Minus – Some people may prefer a more detailed written description of the video which they can read and then decide if they want to watch it or not. Some people may prefer to leave a comment or at least have the option to do that.

Interesting – Apart from the links to more videos I’m surprised there aren’t more links to other content as this site usually has that. It’s interesting that the written description of the video is really short. This links to the connotations below. There is nowhere to leave a comment like there is on the pages with articles. The videos aren’t labeled with how old they are like the articles are.

Connotation – As I have already said, this site is giving you the content directlyconfidently and authoritatively. There is no messing around.

Video main page

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