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Plus – I like the way that each module is properly labeled so that I can see exactly what the link is about. I also like that I can see how old the post is too.
the agony

Here are some examples of the labels.

Interesting – Apart from the menu at the top of the main page there is also a second way that this site is organised into different categories. I thought I would try to find out what all the categories in the white squares are.

After a while I realised there may be an infinite number of categories so at this point I gave up trying to list them all. I realised this secondary system is like the one Twitter uses. It breaks the content down in to smaller groups so the viewer can find what they want.

Here are some of the different categories:

Activism Now
activism now

Dazed & Approved
dazed and approved

Elements of Style
elements of style

Exhibit A
Exhibit A


First Look
first look

Head to Head
Head to head



Light Box
light box


Model Behaviour
Model behaviour

My Obsession
my obsession

q and a

Satellite Voices
satellite voices


Top Ten
top ten


Connotations – The designers want people to be able to find the content they want and then find further similar content. I think this ties in with what I’ve already said about the site being very direct and confident.

Minus – Some people may dislike having so many different smaller groups. It’s hard to predict what others would think. The last category here, ‘Tripping‘, doesn’t give any hint to what the content will be. I assume it means travel but I can’t be sure.

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